Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 8 Friends :)

Blogtoberfest Day 8

The best type of friends are those who will surprise you with their caring and friendship.
I have had a really hard couple of weeks ( and months) and had a bit of a breakdown at the start of the week.

With less than 24 hours notice my lovely friend Kate was on my doorstep, car loaded up with her two preschoolers and bags of knitting, ready to stay for the week and give me her support.
No she hadn't come form just down the road, she had driven form Auckland to Taranaki! 400km down the road!!!

I am completely blown away with how wonderful Kate is that she would see me suffering and not think twice about packing up her family for a week and coming down to see me. It means more than i can express in words.

Here are some photos taken during the week of our broods:

Morning tea at the park

Ash pushing Mother Dog on the swing

Dancing time!

The goose looking after all the ducklings

I'm gutted we didn't get a photo of me and Kate together!!!
Check out Kates Blog for some more photos of the week :)


Anonymous said...

Awww some awesome photos there Hannah!!!

It was my pleasure to come down! We enjoyed it as well. Ariana is still talking about Ashton today. Cute!

m.e (Cathie) said...

sorry to hear you've been down Hannah, sending you lots of BIG squishy hugs & hoping you are smiling at those cuties.

Anonymous said...

WEll that is just about the loveliest thign I have heard!! You are in fact a very lucky woman to have someone so special to support you. Nothing like some gorgeous kids dancing around having fun to bring a smile to your face huh!? I hope you feel on the up soon :)

noisybabe007 said...

Love, hugs and friendship - great pics too!