Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 29 - BEST CUZ EVER

Blogtoberfest Day 29

In two days my best ever cuz will be home!!!

This is the best picture i could get ( yes Loren i raided your facebook lol, there was hardly anything to choose from!) hahaha but shows her personality perfectly ;)

Loren has been away overseas in Canada mostly for almost a year now. Before that she was gone for a whole other year in South America aswell with only a month or so back in NZ. I have missed her TERRIBLY!!!

We have been thick as thieves since the week we were born ( yup week, we are only 6 days apart in age)

I cant wait to have her back in my life for good!

Even though she will be starting Uni in Auckland in the new year, i will have her on tap for the next couple of months! lol


man how cute were WE?!?!


meeks said...

awww bless. What a wonderful gift that is to have such a special relationship with your cousin.

Loved the photos from the past!

Loren said...

CUZ!!! You are just the sweetest cousin ever!!! I feel SO LOVED RIGHT NOW!!! I'm at the airport, I have to fly Kelowna (Canada) to Vancouver, then to Sydney... then Auckland... then NEW PLYMOUTH!!!! And I'm so super excited!!!! Can't wait to see you xxxxxxxxxx LOVE YOU CUZ!!