Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 4 RRHY

Thought i would give a little update on my new business venture.

A few months ago i decided to take my love and talent of dyeing yarn to new heights and actually start selling it. I had been asked to dye yarn for lots of friends privately but thought i would take the plunge and do it properly. I had a logo designed, business cards and labels etc printed and away i went!

And so Red Riding Hood Yarns was born.

Things have been going to well! i have had 4 stockings so far and will have #5 tomorrow. I have been selling around 60%- 70% each week with selling out one week within 24 hours!!! I guess in time thins will only get better and better as more people hear about me etc :) I have been using my facebook fan page as my first point of call and it is working out great!

You can find the RRHY blog at and head over to the "Whats in the Picnic Basket this week" tab to see what is for sale :)

I would love to set up a proper website and shop next year so that is definitely on the cards. I would also love to get into the Yarn Club business, so hopefully early next year too :)

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Anonymous said...

Yarn Club? With your yarn??? Oh dear, better start stashing funds!