Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 26- BOOKS

Blogtoberfest day 26

I was Blog browsing this morning and came across Estelle's "Five books i wish I had never read, and five books i wish i had read instead" on her blog "Curbside Style"

i had a bit of a giggle because obviously her tastes are very different from mine! Three of the books she wished she hadn't read would rank right up at the top of my "love" list lol.

So i thought i would make a list of my own! not quite the same but here are my favs, and least favs.

Top 5 books

1. Harry Potter series: all of them. total TOTAL genius. I adore these books and have read them over and over and over.

2. Eat.Pray.Love: yes despite the hype i just adored this book. I LOVE true stories and this one had it all, the locations, the beauty, the food, the love story. Super dooper inspiring.

3. Southern Vampire Series AKA Sookie Stackhouse novels. I watched the first season of TRUE BLOOD before i started these books, but then i just devoured them, all 10 of them! absolute fan of the TV series too.

4. Wilbur Smith's Egypt series. i really really got into these a couple of years back, still need to read the last one though.

5. Twilight, Yup not afraid to say i LOVED it lol, have read the series 3 times from start to finish now. TEAM JACOB BITCH ;)

There is a bunch of book i read as a teenager that i cant for the life of me remember their names or the authors??? there was a time traveling series one that had three books i think? That went from modern time to a magical past and the chick could time travel? Her name might have been Tory?? Then there are the thriller ones by a guy author and one was called "The Island" i think? I used to hide them from my parents as they quite gory and had lots of sex in them lol. Then there was one called "Summer of Love" or something like that about two teenagers with cancer who fall in love while getting treatment together. If anyone knows the names of these books or the author i would love to know so i can look them up and read them again :)

So now those are my favs, I'm struggling to think of ones Ive read and haven't liked??? i tend to just not keep reading if I'm not enjoying something and not give it another thought. I think Ive picked up a couple of Robs John Grisham books and not read beyond a few chapters?

Might do a movie list tomorrow :)

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Anonymous said...

The Whole of the Moon might be the one you're thinking of about the kids with cancer?