Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 11 DRESS UP TIME!!

Blogtoberfest Day 11

In two weeks i am heading along to the Auckland Armageddon expo :)
One of the reasons i was going was to meet Daniel Cudmore, one of the volturi actors from the Twilight series Movies, but he cancelled last week and i got all my money back from my ridiculously expense Twilight pass.

The main reason i was going though was to meet up with some friends of mine and have an awesome long weekend with them. Chelsea in particular i am SOOOO freaking excited to meet!! We have been best friends for about a year now online, talking to each other every day etc and we will finally get to meet and hang out, i cant wait!!

We have decided to dress up for the expo itself and i hummed and harred about who to dress up as and i have decided on Jessica from TrueBlood, Bills protege.

I bought most of my costume on the weekend and now just have to get some fangs ordered and an apron :)

Here's what it looks like so far

I still need to iron on the Merlotte's Patch too, a birthday gift from Chelsea ( how cool is THAT!?!)

11 days and counting!!! squeeeeee


Celeritas said...

It's a shame the Volturi guy isn't coming but glad to hear you got a refund. Your costume is cute :)

The Bacarella Family said...

your costume IS perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Looking great so far Hannah! You didn't tell me DC canx out. Poos. At least you get some money back.

grubbiejulz said...

How cool IS that

And how hot will you look in those shorts mwahahaha

Rainbow Child said...

hehehehe i am goign to have to get some pantyhose Julie, so my legs look way better than they are!

JJ said...

Jessica IS the perfect character for you (I actually thought that was you in the pic before I got the close up LOL). Look - no garbled mixed up comment today!!! Must be Tuesday.

HayleyK said...

Cool custume!

You WON my giveaway for Progress Cards over at Hanging Off The Wire! Yay! Just email me the email you want me to use to pass along to Scott from Progress Cards and he will email you the checkout code to get the entire set of Progress Cards!

Peach Rainbow said...


handmadehappiness said...

I love your costume rocks love love it!!!