Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 20 - Off to Great Places

Blogtoberfest Day 20

"Today is the Day, I'm off to great places, I'm off and away"

I think i have that quote right, from Dr Seuss's "Oh The Places You'll Go". In about 20 minutes i am off on the first trip away by myself in 6 years! With no husband, and no children. Visiting lots of friends, some Ive never met in person before but feel Ive known forever. I get to party, go for gelato, dress up, sleep in and dance to the beat of my own drum!
i only got my license 2 months ago and yet i am driving 5 hours into Auckland city all by myself! i am terrified and excited at all the possibility's at the same time. I can have the music as loud as i want, stop to pee whenever i like lol and stop and eat whatever i want!!

I have been planning and looking forward to this for about 6 months and today is the day!

I have written blog posts for the 3 days i wont be here so they will auto publish and i will still keep up with Blogtoberfest

So im off! see you on monday evening :)


Anonymous said...

See you soon! Man you are organised!

Jo's Place said...

Yay I can't wait to meet you tonight, I'm so excited :) Bit silly typing this actually as you won't see it until after we have met LOL. I'm a dork!

grubbiejulz said...

But a funny dork Jo....
Was super fantastic to meet you Hannah......hope to see more of you again sometime soon!!!!