Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 23 - 10 in 2010 update

Blogtoberfest day 23

Way back in December last year i decided to set myself some knitting challenges for 2010. I signed up to knit 10 shawls and 10 pairs of socks and learn ten new techniques.

So far i have learnt:
  1. cable cast on
  2. toe up sock knitting
  3. Provisional cast on
  4. Crochet cast off
  5. lace chart reading
  6. 2ply lace knitting
  7. wrapping stitches
  8. moss stitch
so only 2 left!! not sure what these will be yet

The ten pairs of socks are just not going to happen haha, think I've made 3 pairs? have at least one more planned before the end of the year ( for Dads Birthday) but no way am i going to make 7 more!

The shawls however i have been churning out and will definitely finish my challenge, so far i have made these:

Only 2 more to make and 2 months left!! ( last two will be for Christmas pressies ;) )

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Boud said...

Those shawls are WONDERFUL! not a bad model, either!!

Boud in Ravelry(Liz in rl)