Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 21 - Favs

Blogtoberfest Day 21

I thought i would share with you some of my absolute Fav blogs.

The crafty/mama blogs

First up is Rhiannons Blog "Toast and Life"
This chick has the most amazing style EVER and is completly gorgeous :) her "Wardrobe wednesday" posts are allways inspirational as are her opshop finds!!! She is a sewer and all round crafty type :)

Next up is Erins blog "BluebirdBaby"
Erins photography is just GORGEOUS!!!

Then we have Kims blog "KuTE KIWI"
I am completly lusting over her knitted bow necklaces and chains!

I also adore Cathy's blog "m.e"
her baking, and photography are mouth watering! Cathy i also a star at replyng to comments and leaving lots of encouraging ones of her own x

My gorgeous friend Carla has recently started a blog too "I Have Foot In Mouth Disease"
her posts are incredibly deep and soul bearing as well as being full of humour :)

I have also discovered some absolutely fabulous femminst/sexy/risque blogs of late and thought i would share a couple
( disclamier, r18 blogs, content may "offend")

Curvaceous Dee describes herself on her blog as "Curvaceous, vivacious, tenacious, bodacious. That's me! I'm also fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, kinky, kiwi, and happy."

Amie over at "amieweexxx" has some very eye opening and "educational" posts ;)

is another great gutsy woman blogger

And last but not least Ally at "I am Offended because" is " An oft-offended lady in Wellington. Likes sex positive feminism, fat activism, collecting lipsticks, theatre and the active consumption of dessert wine.

So there you go!!!!


Kim W. said...

awww im blushing... :) thanks for including me i feel special! :D

Anonymous said...

arent you lovely! AND i got to meet you today finally! yay! thank you for mentioning me hun, ive had several clicks on mine from yours, way cool! xox

Rhiannon said...

Nawwww you're too kind! thanks so much for the mention, and for liking me! I feel a little stink for not being very bloggy lately, but I hope you'll forgive me x