Saturday, November 20, 2010

Summer yarn Swap first arival!

I was lucky enough to receive my summer yarn swap on Thursday!
Sorry Toshi, that it was taken me this long to post about it. Both me and Hubby have been super sick since Friday. Usually we get bugs one after each other so at least one of us is holding down the fort, but not this time! its amazing what can happen to your house when both adults are incapacitated for 3 days! lol

Here was my kitchen yesterday evening

Dishes (eeeek) yarn would ready to dye, knitting projects, mail, and my yarn swap!!
(No the wine bottles were not the result of self medication lol, they are a collection for a cousin of mines home brew wine)

Here is the gorgeous package Toshi sent me

Some Needlefood sock yarn ( super special as needle food is no longer in business), delicious apricot herbal tea ( my whole pantry smells like apricot when you open it now hehe) some delicious gluten free biscuits ( just like timtams) and some melting oil cubes :)

it was just the perfect package for me thanks so much!
There is still another couple of weeks untill sending, so i look forward to hearing and seeing the parcels as they arrive :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have been a busy little Beaver this week!! PHEW!!!
Amongst all the dyeing i have been crafting up a Christmas decoration storm!

i am taking part in a lot of swaps ( two JUST decoration swaps) this month in the prep for Christmas and here are some delicious strawberry's i have been whipping up

Also, not my creativity, but here is what my husband whipped up for dinner last night.
Barbecue steak, grilled courgettes and onion, sprinkled with Parmesan and balsamic vinegar, and yummy scrummy garden salad. With ice cold sparkling water and fresh lime. we topped it off with lemon sorbet and fresh mango for dessert once the kids were in bed hehehe

So nice to have a barbecue and sit outside in the sun for dinner!
And lovely to see the boys planing nicely together afterwards ;)


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday - ball edition

First time Ive played this but with a theme like that i had to!
I spent my 5th and 6th form years in Lima Peru, and formal dances were HUGE! turning 15 for a Peruvian girl was a HUGE deal and 5 star events were held. i went to ALOT of them. proms also started young and i went to a fair few of those too! I don't have many photos from back then as a flood ruined almost all my photos last year :( but here is what i could salvage.

First formal dance i ever went to
2002, i was 15
with my gorgeous friend Jenni

First "Prom" 2002, i was 16
dress designed my me, modeled off a Shikira outfit hahaha
tie around bikini style, COMPLETELY risque for the company and time lol

6th Form Prom, 2003, i was 17
dress designed my me NO idea what i was thinking
with my gorgeous friend Cynthia

so there you have it! :)

man i wish i could get that body back! lol

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Monday, November 15, 2010

3rd Wedding Anniversary

I know its almost a week late but last Wednesday (10th) was my 3rd wedding anniversary :)

It still seems surreal to me that her i am, just turned 24, with an amazing hubby of 3 years ( been together 6 though), two gorgeous children and a mortgage! haha

This is the first year we have ( been able to afford!) bought each other gifts and boy was i a lucky girl!

Rob handmade a card for me, with our fav wedding photo on it, our wedding colour font, quote from one of our wedding songs ( Bon Jovi baby lol) i was totally blown away! so much thought had gone into it xxxxx

For my gift he got the Annabel Langbein's new book "The Free Range Cook". i was been drooling over this book since it came out, and we watch her show every Saturday night that we can. Her recipes are EXACTLY the ind of food we love to cook and eat, and the photography is just sublime!

My gift to Rob is far too R18 rated to share in here sorry ;) so you will all have to take a guess ;)

i know i did this last year, but thought i would share some of our beautiful wedding photos.

Monday, November 8, 2010

THE Cardy

Here is THE cardy.

5 weeks in the making.

First adult sized garment Ive ever made.

First lace project i have ever undertaken.

I ADORE it!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

And then there were TWO!

Two garden beds that is!!!
So exciting, the boys put in our second vege garden today. Now we have Tomatoes, basil, lettuces, corn, capsicums and zucchinis, and 2 or three different variety's of each :)

That will be all for this year but we will put in another two over winter for potatoes and pumpkins :D

We are going to put some stones over the weed mat too.
Trees got trimmed, two rhodos got cut out ( who plants a tree in the middle of a lawn? honestly?!!)

Man i love owning our own home!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Haven't blogged since blogtoberfest ended woops!!

Have been super busy with my cuz staying and making up lots of yarn orders and felt orders.
Here's a few snapshots of my week.

Delicious dessert Loren made us
pears poached in boysenberry wine, pistachio praline and almond ice cream

Felt finger puppets i made

my op-shop finds this week, merino top and Max skirt, for a total of $8 lol

and lots of custom dye jobs

Going to be busy this week too, with our 3 year wedding anniversary, robs birthday, my sisters end of uni fashion show and going down to welly Thursday night for the weekend.