Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 25 - JAR SWAP

Blogtoberfest Day 25

OK somehow i managed to loose a whole other day? So i have even more to catch up on!

Just before i left on Thursday i posted a gorgeous parcel out to a lovely friend of mine Tammy. it was my end of the bargain for the TNN "Jar Swap". I received her two kiddies to make for and here is what i came up with

For Cody a "message in a bottle" theme i used. I made him a felt treasure map with a treasure "pocket" at the end for hiding treasure in ( i filled it with treasure stickers) then i filled the rest of the jar up with extra stickers, buttons, iron-on patches and an eye patch and earring :)

heres a closeup of the map

For Ayla i made a "Picnic for two" in a jar :)

I hand stitched a picnic blanket and made an assortment of felt picnic food for her :)

They were received well and i have been told that both kids love them so yay! mission accomplished :)


Fi said...

Oh my - that treasure map is fabulous! H would love one of those.
You are a very intimidating person to make crafty swaps for.......
Putting the finishing touches on one of yours, and I'm hoping its up to scratch!

JJ said...

That is an awesome treasure map Hannah, I may just have to make one for Logan for Christmas. You are very talented.

Flower said...

Hey hannah, I haven't dropped by for a while! your goodies look awesome!. great X-mas pressies I think.....xo

Polka Dot Daze said...

WOW - they are awesome!
What a legend!