Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A shawl for an Alpha

Alpha wolf that is!!!!
I was honoured to be asked to knit Chaske Spencer a scarf as a token of the NZ Be the Shift movement.

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Chaske (who plays Sam Uley in the Twilight Saga) is the founder and US "ambassador" of the cause and is in New Zealand this weekend at the Wellington Armageddon expo. A bunch of my lovely Twilight girls are heading down and will be meeting him on Saturday and will be giving his this shawl that i made for him!
(Hubby is modeling it too to show that it is unisex ;) )

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The pattern in "Herbivore" By Stephen West, and was knit in gorgeous hand dyed yarn in the colours of the Twilight woods, so was perfect yarn to choose!

"Be the Shift" was set up to shine the light on the struggle of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

From the shift website:


To Empower people to create sustainable, lasting change in their communities and countries through:

■Creating Awareness of the current issues and conditions
■Creating Alternatives that promote Dignity, Justice, Unity, and Accountability
■Taking Action that supports the creation of these alternatives


South Dakota's Lakota Sioux- Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe 2010 Crisis

■February 1st, 2010 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has declared state of emergency after severe ice storm devastates reservation
■Storm topples more than 3000 power poles
■13,000 people without power, heat and water

Pop over to www.shiftthepowertothepeople.org to read more.

A good friend of mine has set up a "knitting for the nation" program to send scarves over from NZ, which i will be contributing to greatly and this shawl is the first one!!! Pop over to our facebook page if you wish to be involved!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ask me anything!

I noticed this nifty little gadget over on Rhiannon's blog and thought i would give it a whirl!!!
have a look up in the top right hand courner of my sidebar.
I means that you can ask me anything in the world, either anonymously or with your blog Id and i promise to answer! :)
So go on... what do you want to know?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I thought i would blog today about some of the wonderful products and services my friends make/design.

First Up Vivianne
A few weeks ago i blogged about the shawl i made for her as part of a private swap we were doing. In exchange i recieved some GORGEOUS cloth tablewear. Int he set were 6 quilted placemats, 6 quilted coasters and 6 cloth napkins.
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Closeup of spiral quilting detail
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I am so stoked with the quality of the work and just how pretty they are! i Cant wai tto have people over for dinner so i can give them a whirl :)
Vivianne is an amazing quilter and runs the label "Sew Vivid".

Next is Sam
I was lucky enough to score one of her swift sacks form a blog giveaway she was making and man what a gennious little tool!
From this
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To this!
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Sheryl is next on the list!
I am in the middle of knitting some socks from Sheryls new pattern "Dolce"
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In fact Sheryl dyed this yarn too in our last Naki swap! I have 1 sock down and one to go but it is hibernating while i am manically kniting a super excting secret project for the next couple of days ;)
Dolce is the big sister verion to the Toddler socks version.

Jo is last but CERTAINLY not least
I was lucky enough to be gifted one of Jos beautiful interchangeable needle cases
and stitchmarker holders.
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These cases are a knitters best friend!! wiht room for all your tips, cables, pockets for stitch markers or measuring tapes, scissors etc.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet as pie!!

Just a sweet little post with some hairclips i made the other day
All made of felt :)

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i have a million knitting projects on the go at the moment and three swaps due next week!!! so i am super dooper busy btu will have LOTS to blog about next week ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion Festival!!!

Wow what an awesome week it has been!!!!
me and Rob drove up to Hamilton on Monday night so we wouldn't have far to drive on Tuesday morning into Auckland but we couldn't have been more wrong and 3 HOURS of driving Tuesday morning and we were in Auckland ready to start the adventure! We got lost twice, walked km after km after km, bussed from suburb to suburb, ate on the run, got 3 kinds of blisters, makeover here, designer dress there, 5 star dinner over there, front row seats to the fashion show here!!!! It was the most full on two days of my life, but SO.MUCH,FUN!!!!!!!!!!! My two favourite parts would have to be getting my hair done at Dharma Hair in Mt Eden by Natalie, and having dinner at Q restaurant (part of the Westin Hotel. I was soo busy i didn't get to take many photos but here are a few....

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, today i FINALLY saw the effort of the months i have spent trying to get our vege garden up and running!!!

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Two heads of broccoli, a heap of carrots and two ripe tomatoes!!! wohoo!!! haha Compared to all of my friends gardens this is pitiful but i am so damn proud :)

Check out this bad boy!
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Our zucchini plants are in full bloom with dozens of flowers so we should be seeing some fruit form them in a few weeks too and more and more tomatoes are ripening each day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Along came a Fairy..........

A TOOTH Fairy that is :)
I had a personal order this week for a tooth Fairy Pouch and at the lats minute i decided to make a cute little fairy to go with it :) The Pouch buttons at the back.

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Here is the Tooth fairy in her natural habitat

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I also have 3 very exciting pieces of information to share with you!!!

1. My mothers best friend has opened an arty/crafty gallery and would like to stock some of my felt stuff so i am going to be on a mad sewing mission once i have finished my to do list! I am going to make up a range of dolls for the shop :)

2. I am lookin to relaunch wiht a new brand name and some more products so keeo your eyes peeled!

3. I was lucky enough to win a massive prize on friday on the "Good Morning" show and next week will be heaing up to Auckland with hubby to attend the first annual NZ Fashion Festival, wiht dinner out and accomodation, as well as take home thousands in clothes, haircare, makeover, jewelery etc etc!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited and now we are sorted for childcare etc i can relax and just look forward to it!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

long time no post

Yeah yeah i know I'm a slack ass :P
Busy as usual with life etc and have neglected to post for a while!
I still have been busy crafting this that and the other with more swaps rolling out the door and into the letterbox, knitting flying off the needles and felt food etc being made. I thought i would make this post a catchup post and then i will set myself some blogging goals!

First up the RED swap i participated in on Ravelry. here is the wonderful bag i received from "Redrel" over in Oz:
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it came filled with chocolate, tea and cookie cutters ( all in red of course ;) )

The package i sent over the ditch is still in transit ( NEVER send my economy post) but I'm pretty sure my person would never make her way over to my blog so here is the package i put together for her:
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he collects old books and i found a 1960 copy of the NZ Scout Annual in an op shop, some fair trade tea, some homemade "straw-barb" jam ( strawberry and rhubarb) and then some Blackrose socks and gloves!
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i have also been busy filling a few felt food and finger puppet orders. here are some new designs i made up:
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I LOVE the safari animals so think i might make a whole set of these

I also finished my Vamp swap ( 1st time Ive ever been late woops!)
I was in such a hurry to get it in the Post after i made it that i didn't have time to take good photos but here is the package all together:
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A "Volturi" style hooded scarf, Volturi thirst quenchers (ingredients: unsuspecting visitors to Italy) and some blood splattered stationary i made. The scarf used over 300 grams of wool and it knit all in seed stitch so ALOT of work went into this. closeup of detail:
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Here is what the pattern looks like ( care of Ysoldas photo (the designer)
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I am going to try and thin of some ways to keep up with blogging so i will let you know when i decide!!! Once a day is a bit too much at the moment but maybe 2-3 times a week, will keep you posted.