Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 18 - WOOPS

Blogtoberfest Day 18

well i guess it had to happen some time this month! i totally forgot to post yesterday WOOPS!!
But some awesome stuff did happen yesterday and i thought i would share some AMAZING pictures my son Ashton drew yesterday.

Here they are all together
Aren't they AMAZING?!?!?!
Ashton is four years old and has just discovered the art of drawing by copying an object/image and spend hours each day doing this.

He drew Pooh Bear from a soft toy we have of him

And eyeore, piglet, rabbit and tigger were all drawn from an old school Pooh book we own

Each character comes with the food they most like to eat ( according to our book) Pooh loves honey, eyeore loves thistles, piglet loves haycorns, rabbit carrots and tigger malt extract.

Notice the sun, blue sky, green grass and lots of trees?

And of course ( as all Ashton's pictures do at the moment) have his name written proudly along the bottom :) except tigger for some reason lol.

yup im pretty proud!


Sam said...

wow - cool!! .... i'm looking into having a way to turn them into sewing ;)

Jo's Place said...

They are very very cool Hannah, you certainly have one very talented wee man there.

Anonymous said...

He is utterly clever! Well done Ashton!