Monday, February 7, 2011

My first ever SOCK CLUB!!

I had saved and saved over the Christmas period to be able to afford my first Vintage Purls Sock Club ( three months of yarn parcels containing exclusive sock yarn, exclusive patterns, and extra goodies). Then the week of sign ups came and the money was needed for other (less selfish) things ( like 5 year old boys birthday presents ;) ) so i was GUTTED!!!!!!!!

I tortured myself by going online during sign ups and left everyone know that yet again i wouldnt be able to participate. The a super dooper AMAZING woman came to my rescue and told me she had paid for my spot and i was in the club! I couldn't believe her generosity! Turns out she had had some awesome news that week herself and wanted to pass on the good will xxxxxxxxxxx

Soooooooooooooooo, last Monday the firs installment arrived and i am IN LOVE.

The pattern is GORGEOUS and the magnets super cute ( there was chocolate too but that is long gone lol) and the yarn OH THE YARN!

it is a gorgeous rich vibrant Burgundy, that will look great on ME hehe.

So all in all i am so so so happy to finally be a part of the special "club" hehe and cant wait for the next two installments!!