Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Creative Space.....

...needs tidying.

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seriously. But i would rather be knitting, which is what I'm doing haha.

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Current project: a gorgeous deep blue damson Shawl for a gift. I had a three Day timeline to get this made form start to finish so i need to get cracking to get it done tonight, ready to block tomorrow!

Pop on over to kootoyoo for some more inspiring creativeness

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thought i would enter this little comp

Take a photo of something RED

Yes i know you have seen this photo before but i LOVE it, and what better red than hand knitted deliciousness. "Black rose" socks and fingerless gloves knitted with "fresh lava" vintage purls sock yarn. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Monday, April 26, 2010


It is finished!!!
5 days of constant hard core knitting and it is DONE!

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I TOTALLY love how this looks, and as this one is a gift i really want one myself!!! but i don't know if i can put myself through the torture again............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Next time you hear me say " wow, wouldn't a slouchy hat in 4ply looks really cool?" please tell me NO!!!!!!!!!

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Its looking gorgeous but MAN ALIVE 100grams of stocking stitch in the round? NOT FUN!
At least it is in pretty yarn though ;)

hand dyed by me:
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Formspring Friday

Well guys, i haven't done this for two weeks but there is still only three questions for me to answer! Please fire away in the box on the right :)

Which 'label' did you fit into to at high school? Were you a goody-two-shoes or a alternative arty type, or were you a rebel with a cause?

I was always the "different" one haha. I loved dressing different to my peers, dyeing my hair bright red ( i am already a redhead by nature but i mean fire engine red!) wearing makeup to school when it was forbidden etc. I was addicted to the stage so was always known as the drama/singing chick :) I was bullied at every school i went to ( 7 schools) for being "different".

What is your biggest phobia?
Rejection, plain and simple. i want everyone to like me ( yeah yeah lame i know haha)

You have beautiful skin. What is your beauty regime like?
does my skin come across well in photos? its really not i real life :( i still have as much trouble with my skin now at 23 as i did as a teenager grrrrrrrrrrrr. wash and moisturise morning and night but that's about all! Ive been using "Lush" porridge soap at the moment and it is awesome!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My creative space

Second time ever i have played this, really need to remember each week hehe

Most of my creating latey has been in the kitchen over the dye pot. I am completly and irevocably in love with dyeing yarn!!!!!!

here are some of my latest offerings, all sock yarn:
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For more creative spaces head on over here!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flynns Toasty Roasty's

Last year i made Ash some slippers which he named his "Toasty Roasty's" and last week it was Flynn's turn!

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Made with The Wool Company's "Blues" and some hand dyed red, i whipped them up in a couple of hours. He loves them and wont take them off all day! hehe

1 year Aniversary

This week marks my 1 year anniversary since i started knitting.
A year ago yesterday i went to my very first Naki Knitting night and was introduced to a whole new world of yarn!
I am proud to say i have come a very long way from this:
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My very first project, the wonky holey "Idiots dishcloth" hehe.

My project list now consists of over 40 different items including, 5 1/2 pairs of socks, 8 shawls, 3 pairs of longies, 3 hats, 10 dishcloths, 4 vests, 1 jersey, 6 pairs of gloves, 8 pairs of slippers, 3 headbands and a cowl. Phew!!!

Here are a few of my fav projects:

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I have well and truly got the bug and i kick myself that i didn't start knitting sooner ( then i would have had more time to knit my humongous list of projects haha)

I love Shawls

I love shawls. So much infact that i participated in a specific "Shawl" yanr swap.

We eahc gave a list of shalws we liked and intended to knit to give our swapper somethign to go off. My swappee loved the "Land of Oz" shawl and i thought i would play with the wizard of oz theme for her swap and created a "Good witch or bad witch?" swap.

I dyed up the yarn (100grams each baby merino)in shades of the wicked witch of the north ( blanks and greens) and Glinda, The good witch of the north ( pinks and whites)

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I also made up some Oz themed felt hairclips (she has two little girls) with a crown, toto, ruby slipper(yes it really glitters!), emerald city and a rainbow.

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I gifted a copy of the pattern too and she LOVED IT! Turns out she played the Wicked Witch in High School as has a great fondness of the story :)

In return i got some AMAZING blue 4ply yarn to make a "Hibiscus" with some delicious lindt choclate and the copy of the pattern :)

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I am in love wiht this yarn but i have a special project ready for it in the next week or so so keep your eyes pealed ;)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Travelling Woman

Nope not me ( i wish!), but it is the name of the latest shawl pattern i have tackled. I FINALLY decided ( and had the time) to make a shawl for MYSELF! i Used some gorgeous yarn i had received from a co-op from Uruguay.

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This is my 4th shawl of the year an it is only the beginning of April so i am well on my way to to 10 Shawls in 2010 goal! next one on the list is a special 21st present ;)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Formspring Friday

He he yes title totally stole from Rhiannons Blog. But i think answering once a week is a good plan.

right so here goes!

What does your ideal outfit look like?
Long gypo maxi dress, flat sandles, headscarf and gold jewelry :)

What is the strangest/most exotic thing you have ever eaten?I couldnt even tell you what it was but i spent a week at an eco lodge in the Amazon Rainforest and we ate local food for the whole week :)

Do you believe in fairies?
Of course! doesnt everyone? ;)

what time is it?
Homemade herb/garlic/cheese bread oclock! haha it is lunchtime on good friday.

what colour m&m would you be?
RED of course!

What is your fave television programme at the moment?
I am ddicted to Americas Next Top Model hahaha

Where'd you find out about
Rhiannons Blog
What do you think is the best way to defeat terrorism?

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?
This is a very tough question!! I would probably have to say the year from my 17th bithday till my 18th Birthday. I was still living in Peru when i turned 17th, right at the end of 6th form, havign the time of my life wiht wonderful frieds. Then three months later i moved home to NZ without my family and did 6 months of 7th form before leaving and starting work. I discovered so much about myself during that first half of the year. Then i went through two jobs and met Rob a couple of weeks before my 18th Birthday and "got together" ( if you know what you mean ;) ) on my 18th Birthday :) So many differnt expericences and lessons.

Please keep asking me questions!