Friday, October 2, 2009

Swappity Swap Swap

For day 3 of Blogtoberfest i thought i would share with you some crafty goodness from a swap that i have just organised and participated in :)

The only criteria were for the gifts to be handcrafted. We could chose which craft, which family members we were going to make for, how many gifts to make, how much $$$ to spend etc.

I drew out of the hat and for my swappee i got a Harry Potter nut hehe :)

How cool would it be to receive a Hogwarts acceptance letter and chest full of magical goddies? Pretty cool i thought so here is what i put together for her

The chest it all came in, grafittied with "slytherin sux" and "H4G"
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All the goodies
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* 1 acceptance letter into Hogwarts, from professor McGonagal
* 1 Magic Wand
* 1 pair of Gryffindor pride slippers , complete with Lion buttons
* 1 "Monster book of Monsters"
* 1 Golden Snitch dishcloth
* 1 set of knitted owl cards
* 1 S.P.E.W badge
* 1 dose of "Felix Felicis"

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She was super excited to recieve it so a Job welldone 8)

The next day i recieved my package and!
Here are the goddies i recieved:

A knitted market bag :)
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A calorimetry headband:
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And the yummy scrummy hand dyed yarn! 200grams of Luxury bendigo woollen mills 8ply and 100grams merino and tencel sock yarn in semisolid duskypinks:
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I am totally in love with my package and couldnt asked for a cooler swapper


Jo's Place said...

OH MY GAWD Hannah that HP package is amazing, bet you didn't want to send it. Love what you got back as well, that yarn is beautiful :)

Rainbow Child said...

hehe no i did NOT want to send it al all hahaha, but it brought her alot of joy so was worth it!

Gen said...

OK, I may not be an HP fan *ducks for cover* but that is truly awesome work! Well done you!

Undomestic Goddess said...

Ahem, Harry Potter Nut eh? Ok, the shoe fits - well the slippers anyway (wearing them as I type). It was such an awesome surprise and a wonderful gift, I love it so much!

Chaucey said...

I love that Harry Potter set. Wow.
And those slippers are fantastic.
I love how you thought of so many details to include.
Is the monster book a needle book?
love love love it!!!!

PixieChickNZ said...

OMG HANNAH!! thats an awesome HP Package! and i love what you received as well!!

*gets even more excited about deathly hallows this week*