Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 Prizes and an award

Well Blogtober is officially over but the festive "cheer" is still hanging over this house!

I was lucky enough to win TWO giveaways during the Blogtober festivitys.

The first, some lovely handmade beads from Karin over at "The Sparkly Things Blog"
The second some "upcycled" coasters from Stephanie over at "Moobear Designs"

I was also lucky enough to be given the "Gorgeous Blogger Award" from one of my new blogtober friends Renee over at "Of Lemons and Honey"

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I am so honoured that she would think of me! So now i have to blog about 6 things you dont know about me, and then nominate 6 more Bloggers to receive the award :)

So here goes:

#1 I only just tured 23. ALL of my mummy friends are older than me, some by more than 10 years but i dont notice in the slightest! Because of this most people assume i am older than i am and i cant really blame then as i dont know many other 23 year olds who are married with two kids hehe.

#2 I couldnt survive without the internet and all my cyber friends. ( Geek yes i know hehe)

#3 My childhood and teenage dream was to be a broadway actress :) I LOVE the theatre, being on and off the stage, and everything "musical". I still get goosebumbs everytime i see a show.
Maybe one day.............

#4 I had a Nomad childhood. Growing up my family never spent more than 2 years in any one place. We have lived all over the north island of New Zealand, on Pitcairn Island and in Lima Peru :) This has instilled in me a lust for travel and hope to take my family all over the world in the years to come.

#5 I LOVE giving. I think it may be a little bit of an addiction for me. Thinking up ways to spoil my friends, making and giving gifts, organising others in BIG Kohas etc. Christmas is my FAV time of year as i get to make and give lots and lots!

#6 I am the worst housewife EVER. Tidyness has never been my forte, couple that with a hubby who is also not very houswork inclined and you get our place.............
Someones House Pictures, Images and Photos
Hahaha ok no its not that bad, but i would much rather spend my time playing with my boys and knitting or creating :)

Right so now its my turn to nominate 6 blogs that i think deserve the Gorgeous Blogger Title, its a hard task really as i have so many friends in real life who are bloggers, plus a bunch of new bloggy friends, but here goes:

1. Kelly over at "Knit So quaint" (SUPER inspirational and is always bringing to light fabulous causes etc)

2. Tricia over at "Little eco footprints" ( discovered during blogtoberfest and a wonderful blog about raising an eco concious family)

3. Nikki over at "The redheaded devil child" (educational and entertaining hehe)

4. Cathie over at "m.e" (super sweet blog with amazing photography"

5. The Heart family over at "Heart Felt" ( another crafty family blog)

6. My knitting Guru Sheryl over at "Shortly Stitches" (AMAZING knitting based blog)

ENJOY your awards ladies!



Renee' said...

I did know you were such a baby! :) I'm glad you enjoyed your award. Cheers!

Heart Felt said...

Thanks for the award Hannah, so sweet of you and nice to get to know more about you. xx

Jo's Place said...

Congrats on the award and prizes Hannah and it's nice to get to know you a bit more.

Anonymous said...

*blush* thank you Hannah! I so enjoy reading your blog; you're always so full of spark :) said...

Thank you for the award :-)

Much appreciated Hannah!


m.e (Cathie) said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!! so very nice of you.
great to get to know you a bit more and I always love popping round to visit.

nova_j said...

lol i thought you were at least my (ancient ;) ) age!! i used to work in theatre too, though not on stage ;) you should go for it!

Harooney said...

Hi, nice to meet you. Goodluck in my little blog giveaway. Oh! you had me worried with that pic for a mo. lol I'm pretty messy too but I have lots of messy people to help me make the mess. If only I had as many volunteers to help clean it up ;)

Nikki said...

Rats. I did leave a comment but internet died halfway through.

Thanks heaps Hannah!! You are a gorgy blogger too. xo