Thursday, October 1, 2009


I did it.
I signed up for this years Blogtoberfest :)

yeah yeah i knwo i vowed a couple of weeks ago to post everyday and it didnt happen but this time i actually have something to be held accountable to so here i am :)

I have had a very full couple of days with my birthday at the start of the week, crafty swap deadlines, and my mum comming to stay for a few days, phew!

I am lossing my shawl mojo at the moment though and it has taken me a whole week to finish the stocking stitch section on my third Ishbel

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I am suing some of my new vintage purls sock yarn ( which is LOVELY to work with) but i am just not feeling the shawl love at the moment.

It has been nice to do some crafty business besides knitting the last week or so, and i will blog about that project tomorrow :)

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