Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogtober #9 And the winner is.......................

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Congrats Babe!

I wrote all the names down on little bits of paper and got Ashton to pick one out with his eyes closed ( yes he is wearing a blanket and dinosaur hat hehe, he was being a "superhero" )

Man we must have some lucky Naki magic as i won Sheryls blog giveaway a couple of months ago and now she has won mine!

Let me know which doll tickles your fancy :)

Thank you to all who enetered! it has been a wonderful confidence booster that poeple actually read anf like what i make xxx

I will be hitting 100 posts right at the end of October ( the 30th if all goes to plan) so will be having a GRAND giveaway so keep your eyes peeled!



Anonymous said...

You lucky thing Sheryl! Congrats.

Yah for having another giveaway soon - I'll have one too as will be hitting 100 in at least 2 weeks.

Rainbow Child said...

wow Kate! youve done that fast :)

Jo's Place said...

Cool, lucky you Sheryl.

Yay for 100 Posts, that's pretty awesome :)

Sam said...

Congrats Sheryl!

YAY for 100 Posts!

See you 2morrow!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Woohoo Sheryl!! We all envy you and your new handmade toy... I bet she keeps it and plays with it while her kids are sleeping hehehe... what? I would!!

xo Steph