Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blogtober #27 The $7 outfit

I thought i would show you the FAB outfit i was wearing today that cost me a total of $7 during our holiday :)

I went op-shopping on friday and found this gorgoues little dress for $5 in one shop, the belt for $2 in another and then picked up the jandles for free at the warehouse ( buy 2 get one free) SCORE! The dress is a "Max" one so prety darn cool to get it for $5 as it looks brand new.

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I also found a black vintage style cocktail dress which i will show you tomorrow :)

I just got home fromt he big reveal of my local knitting groups Kiwiana yarn swap so will blag about it in the morning!



humel said...

Ooh - I likes it, I likes it!! (I know sound like Gollum.... My precioussssss!) Fab find and I am officially jealous ;-)

humel said...

That would be 'I now sound like Gollum' or 'I know I sound like Gollum'... I'm sure I used to be able to type!

Anonymous said...

What a find indeed! Looking cute!