Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogtober #19 PINK

October is breast cancer awareness month here in New Zealand ( maybe overseas too but im not sure) and PINK seems to have taken over!

There are pink cosmetics, pink biscuits, even pink matresses! being advertised everywhere to raise awareness and fundraise for the breast cancer foundation.

I thought i would have a look around the house and try and find some pink things to photograph. They were few and far between im afraid, being that i live with three boys! hehe but here is what i found....

A beautiful scattering of tiny pink flowers in the garden
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My smallest sons drawer of his "things" today is was full of pink post-its :)
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Our piggy wiggy hand puppet
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My beautiful rose quartz given to me years ago by my cousin Loren for aiding fertility
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And what do we have here? A sweet little felt butterfly hair tie, and todays giveaway addition :)
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Sam said...

wow where did you find piggy? he is just too cute!

Hannah Rose said...

Look at you Hannah!!
So darn creative! I love it!
Keep it comming :)

ps- can we come visit in the new year??

Rainbow Child said...

hannah yeha you sure can come visit! that would be cool! Oakura is pumping in the summer :)

Anonymous said...

Loving your blog Hannah. Love the new addition. CUTE!

Kate said...

Very cool Hannah!

ikkinlala said...

Your rose quartz is gorgeous. It reminds me of an old lady who used to run a rock shop in my hometown.

humel said...

Lovely pretty in pinkness - especially piggy ;-) Cool idea, too! I shall have to do some 'colour' posts when I run out of stuff to say - if that ever happens!!

Hoaenz said...

Love your patch of little flowers!