Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogtober #25 Abundance

Whenever we come back from visiting the Relly's in Tauranga we always come back with bags of produce. Usually a few avos from the roadside honesty boxes and some lemons from the market etc but nothing like what we came back with this time.............................

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We spent the day out at Robs brothers farm on saturday and raided their tangelo, mandarin and avacodo trees. Throw in a few jumbo lemons from the farmers market and you get this! Around 20kgs of fruit and avos! YUM! For size reference look how the avo towers over the raisin box!

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We have to wait for them to ripen but i cant wait!

Our laundry has an abunance of a different kind. I washed every second day while away but this is still how much dirty washing we came home with, lucky for me washing is Robs job hahaha :

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So who has some recipies to use up all this fruit? im Thinking Tangelo sorbet for knitting tomorrow night, some marmalade, but what else?


humel said...

Ooh, yum!! :-) I'd make some refreshing drinks for one thing - blitz quartered citrus fruits in a blender with a bit of water and some sugar to taste, then puch through a sieve to lose the pulp - mmmm! Enjoy - sadly, my personal crop is more of the laundry variety today...

PJS said...

seems so bizzare for us europeans to think of picking citrus and avacado from a tree... We always have to pick them off of a shelf in the supermarket...bleugh...its usually not worth it either!

ikkinlala said...

I'd probably just eat them - I'm guessing I could consume my weight in mandarin oranges, but I'm holding off buying them for now.