Monday, October 5, 2009

Blogtober #6 Pimp my Blog

Its the 6th day of Blogotberfest allready?! wow its been almost a week already.
After stumbling across this great site in my blogtober travels i decided to "Pimp my Blog".

So how do you like my new look?

Along my travels i have also discovered some pretty funky blogs and i thought i would share a couple with you today.

A crafty little fox called Flossy P

Another crafty Fox

An eco parenting Blog

I still have ALOT of blogs to go through and more people are joining up byt the day!

What cool blogs have you come across this blogtober?


mandapanda said...

Oh well let's see...I've found your blog...doesn that count? lol Of course it does!! said...

Love the new look, I usually read thru a reader but after your comments last night I had to check you out in person :)

I've spent the day surfing new blogs too in my downtime, lots of great places to explore. Go blogtober!

Tricia said...

Ohhh...glad you liked it. thanks for sharing :-)

Lisa said...

Whoo hoo I'm a crafty fox ;-)
Thanks for the mention... am trawling through your blog now drooling over your knitting.