Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Last night was our knitting nights "swapparooney" for our dessert themed yarn swaps.

As allways the company was great, the food amazing and the yarn to "dye" for!

Noone remembered to take photos of our potluck dinner feast before it was all consummed but believe me it was DELICIOUS!

After dinner it was swap time! I played santa and divied up the goodies.

First up was Sheryls goodie bag!she recieved from Lizzie some beautiful 10ply dyed in shades of Rhuebarb. Lizzie had even tryed using real rhuebarb as the dye but it didnt have qute the strength of colour she was after so she over dyed it with brown and the results were perfect! Lizzie also included some rhuebard seeds and a little bowl in her gifts.

Next up was Julias turn! Sheryl had dyed some sock yarn in beautiful berry parfait colours using acid dyes. Julia also recieved three parfait glasses full of lollies! YUM! Also included were one of Sheryls nifty little WIP ( work in progress) bags, and some berry herbal tea.

I cant remember what order the rest came in as we took photos after but here are the rest!

Sam recieved some beautiful berry themed 8ply in her goodie basket from Julia, along with a hand carved little wooden sheep and some beautiful fibre for her to dye and then spin up!

Lizzie received some scrummy blueberry crumble custard themed yarn with some very thoughtful "weight watchers" goodies and some cute little button stitch markers.

Nyree had a big bluberry bush in her goodie bag from kristy! kristy had dyed some 8ply in yummy berry pastel colours and popped in some stitch markers too.

Clare recieved some "berry mint salad" yarn from kate with some stunning green hand beaded stitch markers and braclet :)

Anthea scored some berry brownie themed yarn from Nyree in stunning rich shades, all wrapped up in one of Sheryls WIP bags and some lovely button stitch markers.

Laura received some mouth watering caramel sock yarn ( with hints of apple)from Sam as well as some caramello chocolate and sweet little stitch markers and something called a "dizz" (if your a spinny person you will know what that is, i dont have a clue! haha).

Kate got some stunningly vibrant berry sock yarn from laura along with some chocolate and spinning "stuff" samples.

Kristy scored the most amazing "kiwifruit cheesecake" sock yarn made by Clare. In her package was also some fat quaters and some sweet buttons.

Then there was my package! Anthea had dyed for me some beautiful rich berry 8ply and included chocolate candles, strawberry sweets, chocolate and the plate my dessert was on was also a gift!

Trudi couldnt make it unfortunately last night but here is the package i made for her. I used "srawberry shortcake" as my theme and dyed some 8ply in rich strawberry and cream colours. I included some bamboo/cotton, strawberry fabric and pink heart buttons to make her baby daughter a lovely summer sundress.

It was amazing that alot of us picked similar themes and yet ALL the dye work was differnt and unique.

Right! now here is all the yarn with the desserts mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


We cant wait to do it all again and have allready decided in a bit of a lukcy dip swap. We are all going to put in and then take out three words from a hat to base our theme on, and then number the gifts and lucky dip our swap package at the end! will be so much fun :)


Sam said...

you've done very well - Lovely post :)

thanks heaps again for organising it

Loren said...

Cuz!!! These are amazing! When I grow up I want to be just like you hehe.
Say hi to the girls form me, and tell them I am very impressed. The Kiwifruit one was my fave, VERY cool!
xxx love you cuz

lily40au said...

This was all so gorgeous ... I am so utterly jealous of the all the gorgeousness! LOL

Anonymous said...

nom, nom! A great swap all round by the looks of it :)

grubbiejulz said...

So, so scrummy......some very talented ladies!!!!!

Corrie said...

yuuuuuuuuuuuum! Is that every woman's dream night out! dessert, yummy yarn, bit of chocolate, chatter!