Monday, December 21, 2009

I made my first drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i did it!
I snuck over to the 4square, waited till there was no-one around, dropped her off and dissapeard in a flash of Christmas spirit!
Dont know what im talking about? haha I made my first drop for The Toy Society as part of the worldwide Christmas Drop :)
"Fair Maiden" was getting pretty lonley ever since "Marina the Mermaid" swam over to Sheryls place and "Pegleg the Pirate" sailed across to Australia. So i thought i would give her a nice new home for christmas :)
I hope a child finds her and not one of the gazlillion of teenagers mooching around at the moment ;)
I didnt have time to take a photo of her all packed up with a "Take me home im yours" card on the top and info about The Toy Society on the inside, as i had to get otu of there fast! hahaha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Sam said...

oool cool! ... did you leave her with a note so she doesn't end up in lost property?

Rainbow Child said...

yip :) just edited my post :P

Rachel said...

Oh she bueatiful, I hope she is found by a lovely wee child who will give her the Love she deserves,

The Toy Society said...

So sweet! Nice drop.

PixieBelle said...

Your Fair Maiden is lovely, just saw your drop details on the Toy Society and loved her little story/interests sheet you popped in with her. Great idea!

Kate said...

Very cool Hannah, I hope she finds a caring home :-). Maybe we'll see her around the village!

Jo's Place said...

She is adorable Hannah, I'm sure she will be loved by whoever has picked her up.