Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jingle Yarn Ball tutorial

I was playing around last night with some scrap yarn and Christmas baubles and came up with these little beauties! They only take 10 minutes each and you can use any size ball and any weight yarn you need to use up. I used left over Vintage purls sock yarn for these two.

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I thought i would put up a tutorial in case anyone else wanted to give them a go :)

You will need
Styrofoam balls or fugly Christmas baubles (any size)
Scrap yarn (any weight)
Knitters darning needle, large


Start wrapping your yarn around the ball as you would if you were winding a ball of wool. If your bauble has a little lip then tie around this first but if not don't worry. Make sure to wrap around evenly to insure the ball stays round and keep wrapping until whole bauble is covered. Cut yarn and tuck end of yarn under, securing with a spot of glue.
Thread your ribbon through the needle and draw through a decent amount of the yarn near the glued area ( around 8-10 pieces) tie a knot in the ribbon and secure with a bow.
Voila! You now have your own Jingle yarn ball!

I would love to see any you make so if you use this tutorial link back here so i can take a look :)


Anonymous said...

They are awesome Hannah!

Lostinstash said...

Well Done.

I got some similar ones from in a swap and they are my favourite decorations on my tree atm.

Jo's Place said...

hehe Hannah I made some just like this the other week. Got the idea off Crafster. I also added knitting needles by using cocktail umbrella sticks. Take off the umbrella bit and the while knobbly bit on the end. Get some 10mm beads and push these onto the end. I will try and take a picture of the ones I made. So funny

Sam said...

i dont have any round bobbles :(

Rainbow Child said...

hehehe Jo it is so funny how one of us has an idea and the other has just done it! hehehe great minds eh? :P

Rainbow Child said...

oh and never you mind sam ;)