Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festive Spirit

What are you doing to get in the festive spirit?
With ALL extended family presents being hand made this year, my crafting time is seriously limited but that hasn't stopped me wanting to hand make some festive decorations :)

I came across these two FANTASTIC wreath ideas while blog surfing and Ravelry drooling.

First up a "Yarn Ball" wreath

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i think this is soo effective and cant wait to make one myself! This beautiful one is taken from "Shizzy Knits" where there is a great tutorial :) There are also a couple of ravelry here and here

I also stumbled across this little beauty this morning!

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This wreath is made from lots of little felt rosettes :)
You can find the tutorial to this wreath over at Domestifluff

So what ideas are you crafting this christmas?

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