Tuesday, December 22, 2009

giveaway update


That is all i can say :)

I jumped from 36 to 53 followers yesterday! so nice to know that people actually like the stuff that i make and like to read my blog! hahaha

All new followers between now and the time i finish the shawl will be in to win too, so don't think you've missed out :) if miraculously i can reach 100 then there will be an awesome second prize too.

I was gifted this scrumdidiliumptious touch yarn merino last night by a friend of mine so this is what the shawl will be made from, I'm still tossing up patterns though ;)

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Sally said...

Great stuff :)
... it is a comforting to know that people read and enjoy your blog. I sure love reading it and peeping your wonderful creativity.

Wishing you and your mob loads and loads of festive fun!

m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, you go girl!!
here's to 100 ♥

PJS said...

wow what a jump in your followers... I dont think you should be surprised though, your blog is lovely and so are your makes! Merry christmas!!