Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Inlaws pressies

This year we are spending Christmas with my side of the family ( they are arriving today in fact, i am SO EXCITED!) So the inlaws got their pressies last weekend when they came over for lunch. Here is the basket of goodies i put together for them:

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Inside were "Strawbarb" jam (strawberry and rhubarb) "kick ass Kusundi" (super hot indian relish) and "bellisimo relish" (Italian flavoured relish with olives, toms, balsamic) all handmade by me.
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And bamboo/cotton dishcloths that i knitted, wrapped around Trade Aid soaps and chocolates to look like christmas crackers :)
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The Kusundi was a hit and Robs brother has asked for me to make some just for him in exchange for some meat haha.


sassydot said...

I could go for that indian relish recipe too!

PixieBelle said...

The strawbarb jam sounds devine. I can cook many things but jam making is always beyond me, despite by Nan showin me how as a teen. Ah well, if we could all do everything, life would be a rather boring place wouldn't it?

Kelly said...

Fab pressie Hannah! Looks like heaps of time and effort has gone into that :)