Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where to find the time...... do some Selfish knitting?

Ims till tossing up on what to do with my handspun yarn ( previous post).
I have it narrowed down to a shawl, or a tank top. Im leanigng towards the tank top though ;)

But where to find the time to actually knit for me?

The list of people with new babies, kids brithdays, friends birthdays, christmas to start making for etc is endless so how can i justify making something for ME!

How do you stack your priority's?


Sam said...

I think a Tank will be great! .. re you doing a lacey one?

... in regards to priorities - i say cast it on then just fit it in - or else you'll just keep putting it off (well i would)

Hope you had a great day!

Jo's Place said...

I'd go for a tank too, only because it would get more use.

Just cast it on and work on it when you can. In saying that I never get everything knitted that I want, my list of 'to do's' is very very long :)