Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hand Spun Goddess!

My second yarn swap arrived in the post today and i almost fainted when i saw what was inside!
My amazingly talented yarn fairy had not only hand dyed my yarn she had also hand spun it!
This swap was based on a painting of my choice and i chose a few paintings that were all similar and involving the generla theme of a "goddess" including this one

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My yarn fairy chose the rich purply tones with hints of peach and real sparkly gold to create this beautiful masterpeice

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My swap also included a hat pattern, a chocolate fudge brownie recipe ( food of the gods) and some lovely vevlet fabric impressions.

I dont think i will use my yarn for the hat pattern though, i need to find something equally as beautiful as the yarn before i start knitting it up :)


Jo's Place said...

that's stunning Hannah, love that painting as well, I would love something like that as a tattoo :)

Rainbow Child said...

me too! haha