Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Virgin no longer.....................

Vintage Purls virgin that is!

I have been drooling over Morags beautifully hand dyed sock yarn ever since i learnt how to knit ( actually i think even before then ) and for my birthday next week i thought i would treat myself.

Well look what was in my letter box this morning!
Left: "Nursery Rhyme" Right: "Caberet"

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I even trapesed out in the howling wind and rain in my dressing gown to check if it had arrived yet haha.

I was allowed to open the left one because i am using it to make a gift, but the right one is for me so i have to wait for next tuesday to open it :)

The gift im making is in fact another Ishbel Shawl but the yarn is perfect for the recipitant :)

Im still looking for a good pattern for the Cabaret and my first ever pair of socks, so if you have any sugestions let me know.

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