Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What shall it be..........

So a few posts back i posted about my gorgoues new handspun, handdyed wool i have recieved.

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I have got almsot 200grams of this and it is an inbetween ply but will suit 8ply projects.

Now my delema is, i have no idea what to do with it :S it is so beautiful i dont want to make just "anything" it has to be beatiful!

I also want to make somehting for myself, as all i seem to do is knit for other people and not myself.

So, any ideas people?

Im thinking maybye a tanktop for summer?


Anonymous said...

shawl, shal, shawl, shawl ;)

Rainbow Child said...

good idea 8) i hadnt even thought of making a shawl for myself haha