Saturday, November 20, 2010

Summer yarn Swap first arival!

I was lucky enough to receive my summer yarn swap on Thursday!
Sorry Toshi, that it was taken me this long to post about it. Both me and Hubby have been super sick since Friday. Usually we get bugs one after each other so at least one of us is holding down the fort, but not this time! its amazing what can happen to your house when both adults are incapacitated for 3 days! lol

Here was my kitchen yesterday evening

Dishes (eeeek) yarn would ready to dye, knitting projects, mail, and my yarn swap!!
(No the wine bottles were not the result of self medication lol, they are a collection for a cousin of mines home brew wine)

Here is the gorgeous package Toshi sent me

Some Needlefood sock yarn ( super special as needle food is no longer in business), delicious apricot herbal tea ( my whole pantry smells like apricot when you open it now hehe) some delicious gluten free biscuits ( just like timtams) and some melting oil cubes :)

it was just the perfect package for me thanks so much!
There is still another couple of weeks untill sending, so i look forward to hearing and seeing the parcels as they arrive :)


Paula said...

what a great blog! here is so many inspirations!

have a nice time,

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Hello! Just discovered your blog - we have children the same age and you're ideas are amazing. Love the strawberries and the treasure hunt. Lovely blog!

harbourmaster said...

My kitchen AND dining room frequently look like that (with little notes to my housemates saying 'wet dye! Wet paint! Don't move!'). Sometimes I'd quite like an outdoor laundry.