Monday, November 15, 2010

3rd Wedding Anniversary

I know its almost a week late but last Wednesday (10th) was my 3rd wedding anniversary :)

It still seems surreal to me that her i am, just turned 24, with an amazing hubby of 3 years ( been together 6 though), two gorgeous children and a mortgage! haha

This is the first year we have ( been able to afford!) bought each other gifts and boy was i a lucky girl!

Rob handmade a card for me, with our fav wedding photo on it, our wedding colour font, quote from one of our wedding songs ( Bon Jovi baby lol) i was totally blown away! so much thought had gone into it xxxxx

For my gift he got the Annabel Langbein's new book "The Free Range Cook". i was been drooling over this book since it came out, and we watch her show every Saturday night that we can. Her recipes are EXACTLY the ind of food we love to cook and eat, and the photography is just sublime!

My gift to Rob is far too R18 rated to share in here sorry ;) so you will all have to take a guess ;)

i know i did this last year, but thought i would share some of our beautiful wedding photos.


Fi said...

Congrats - thats lovely :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

adorable pics!
Happy anniversary guys, enjoy ♥

Rhiannon said...

Congrats guys! Well done : )
Your wedding photos are so very lovely! Your dress is a-may-zing, was it made specially for you?

Anonymous said...

Congrats belatedly but I am sure I wished you well on FB!

I am SO jealous of you getting that book. That is the one cookbook I would love for Christmas!!! I adore her style and food too.