Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday - ball edition

First time Ive played this but with a theme like that i had to!
I spent my 5th and 6th form years in Lima Peru, and formal dances were HUGE! turning 15 for a Peruvian girl was a HUGE deal and 5 star events were held. i went to ALOT of them. proms also started young and i went to a fair few of those too! I don't have many photos from back then as a flood ruined almost all my photos last year :( but here is what i could salvage.

First formal dance i ever went to
2002, i was 15
with my gorgeous friend Jenni

First "Prom" 2002, i was 16
dress designed my me, modeled off a Shikira outfit hahaha
tie around bikini style, COMPLETELY risque for the company and time lol

6th Form Prom, 2003, i was 17
dress designed my me NO idea what i was thinking
with my gorgeous friend Cynthia

so there you have it! :)

man i wish i could get that body back! lol

pop over here for more blasts from the past


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous photos!!! i love all those dresses!!!

clare said...

Thanks for joining it! You look awesome!

Seaside Siblings said...

Wow, great pics Hannah. I was thinking the same thing about my figure when I was looking at my photos, I would so never bare my midrif now.

Notchka said...

Welcome and what wonderful photos - thanks for sharing. Rock on you for designing your outfits!

Rhiannon said...

Oh my goodness, you're the cutest thing ever. What wonderfully creative outfits! So nice to have you playing along, will you join uss next week too?

nicole said...

i totally think the exact same things when i look at old photos!
i really like that dress with the dark ribbon at the from though!!