Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sock Lovers Swap V2

I have bene having a bit of a break form swaps at the moment as i felt they were taking up too much fo my time and energy and i wasnt having enough left for my own crafting mojo. Whent he second Sock Lovers Swap opened up though i could say no!!!

I chose the theme "kakariki" ( green in Maori) as my inspiration and we had to create yarn that our hubbys would like to wear.

I dyed up 100g paytonyle sock yarn in the colours of our native NZ bush:

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Then i chose some other kakariki inspired gifts, watermelon seeds, dark peppermint NZ chocolate, and some peppermint tea.

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I added in a pattern called "No green Socks" and sent it on its merry way! My swappee has allready knit up and finished her socks and they look awsome :)

I received the most amazing swap package in return! In my signup sheet i mentioned that my hubby loves music so thats waht theme my swapper went with!

I received 100g paytonyle dyed in "Rock" inspired colours= silver, red and hints of purple:

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I also received two rock themed mens sock patterns and this awsome guitar fabric bag!

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Knitting the yarn up into socks for Rob will have to go on the back burner for a while after my last mammoth sock knitting mission for him, but i have decided to use the Jay Walker pattern when i get around to it!

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garcia.sol said...

I love both what you sent and received! I wish I could do more swaps i've only done two so far. How do you find out about them? I always hear about them when their done...better luck next time I say!