Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My creative space- a hell of alot of felt!

Well i finally finished my mountain of Christmas decorations last night. The personal order was for 33 felt decorations: some christmasy, some not, and some extremely girly, so that's what i created!

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These little beauties have seriously depleted my felt stash hahahaha, but to know that someones Christmas tree is going to be almost exclusively covered in MY creations, is pretty bloody awesome :)

Kiwiana inspired Christmas themed ones ( i made two sets of these)
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Cars (middle one embroidered with the buyers daughters name)

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Rainbow clouds
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Embroidered Angels
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Butterflies ( with names embriodered on the back)
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Gingerbread men
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As well as all the detail on the front, most on them have patterned felt on the back too :)

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right, so now that that's over i can get back to my knitting! haha

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Sam said...

they look great :)

sewfunky said...

wow! Awesome job... love the kiwiana ones!

My tree is covered with handmade decorations that I've garnered over the years, mainly through handmade swaps! :)

Rainbow Child said...

ive participated in the past two "twientycentmixture" decoration swaps :) its so awsome recieving them in the mail!

Anna Bartlett said...

What a lovely collection you have made for them. Hope they send you a pic of the tree! Here's to being organised!

Frangipani said...

You're so clever. These are gorgeous. Are you selling them anywhere?

Rainbow Child said...

not at the moment fran, but will closer to christmas ;)

Michelle said...

A gorgeous collection of chirstmas decorations, the tree will look lovely. I am very envious that you have patterned felt!

handmadehappiness said...

ohhh these are so cute go you x

Suburbia Girl said...

Your decorations look great. You have certainly been busy.

Edera Jewelry said...

Those are adorable--and so many of them!
Thanks for your sweet comment about my "creative space" this week :)

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Oh they are fab!!!! I love them!! Wish we could see them all on the tree at x-mas!!!

Ok just a little green wishing i had a few of these myself ;)

dash robin said...

So cute! Love all the bright colours and little details and especially the rainbow cloud ones...they are just awesome

The Clip Cafe said...

They are *sew* sweet! Love them Felt is just so great to work with!!

psychedalicpunk said...

These are amazing Hannah!
Love them!!!