Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Creative Space - MAN socks

My week has been full of knit knit knitting my husband his first hand knitted socks!
i (and HE) thought it was about time he should reap some of the rewards of my addiction so VOILA!

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They are "Globe Trotter" socks knit in the Vintage Purls colourway "The Flying Dutchman". I am very jealous the Hubby gets to have socks in this gorgeous colourway!!

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This week i have also been brewing up a whole lot of RAOK so stay tuned next week for these!

Pop over to Kristys for some more creative inspiration


m.e (Cathie) said...

cool! i love man warm!

Little Ted Canvas said...

They look fantastic! I've been thinking of giving socks a try, I'm a novice knitter, was it hard?

Rainbow Child said...

socks are easy peesey :) only porblem with these is thta ive knit them before and i was bored lol

Sam said...

Lucky man :) ..... still need to get through a pair of socks lol

Anonymous said...

Those are cool Hannah! well done on man size socks I know I rather knit my size socks lol

Seaside Siblings said...

Very cool socks Hannah

Michelle said...

Very cool socks. Will check out the pattern as I want to knit my dad some for his birthday.