Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love Shawls

I love shawls. So much infact that i participated in a specific "Shawl" yanr swap.

We eahc gave a list of shalws we liked and intended to knit to give our swapper somethign to go off. My swappee loved the "Land of Oz" shawl and i thought i would play with the wizard of oz theme for her swap and created a "Good witch or bad witch?" swap.

I dyed up the yarn (100grams each baby merino)in shades of the wicked witch of the north ( blanks and greens) and Glinda, The good witch of the north ( pinks and whites)

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I also made up some Oz themed felt hairclips (she has two little girls) with a crown, toto, ruby slipper(yes it really glitters!), emerald city and a rainbow.

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I gifted a copy of the pattern too and she LOVED IT! Turns out she played the Wicked Witch in High School as has a great fondness of the story :)

In return i got some AMAZING blue 4ply yarn to make a "Hibiscus" with some delicious lindt choclate and the copy of the pattern :)

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I am in love wiht this yarn but i have a special project ready for it in the next week or so so keep your eyes pealed ;)

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