Thursday, April 1, 2010

Formspring Friday

He he yes title totally stole from Rhiannons Blog. But i think answering once a week is a good plan.

right so here goes!

What does your ideal outfit look like?
Long gypo maxi dress, flat sandles, headscarf and gold jewelry :)

What is the strangest/most exotic thing you have ever eaten?I couldnt even tell you what it was but i spent a week at an eco lodge in the Amazon Rainforest and we ate local food for the whole week :)

Do you believe in fairies?
Of course! doesnt everyone? ;)

what time is it?
Homemade herb/garlic/cheese bread oclock! haha it is lunchtime on good friday.

what colour m&m would you be?
RED of course!

What is your fave television programme at the moment?
I am ddicted to Americas Next Top Model hahaha

Where'd you find out about
Rhiannons Blog
What do you think is the best way to defeat terrorism?

If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?
This is a very tough question!! I would probably have to say the year from my 17th bithday till my 18th Birthday. I was still living in Peru when i turned 17th, right at the end of 6th form, havign the time of my life wiht wonderful frieds. Then three months later i moved home to NZ without my family and did 6 months of 7th form before leaving and starting work. I discovered so much about myself during that first half of the year. Then i went through two jobs and met Rob a couple of weeks before my 18th Birthday and "got together" ( if you know what you mean ;) ) on my 18th Birthday :) So many differnt expericences and lessons.

Please keep asking me questions!


Rhiannon said...

I must confess to having stolen the title from someone elses blog : ) Such a fun wee thing to do though.. loved your answers and will have to think up some good hard questions for you!

Helen said...

I love reading people's answers to random questions like this! Fun post =)