Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time for reflection and relaxation

We are off on holiday in a few hours for two whole week!
Two whole weeks of no Internet
Two whole weeks of no agenda
Two whole weeks of nothing bu family
Two whole weeks of knitting!!!!!!! haha

We are off to the family Bach on lake taupo in Kuratau, i been looking forward to this for ages and can SERIOUSLY do with the down time.

I will be filling my time with reading, knitting and even plan on doing some writing, something i haven't done for a very long time.

The past couple of weeks have seen me and my husband doing some serious reflection on our future and plans etc. Bubba #3 is now on hold for another 2-3 years, untill we have started our travel plans. Baby making was going to be the agenda in a month or so but after some soul searching we have realised this is not the right time. I need to concentrate on getting my mind, sual and body back into shape and being who I want to be. This involves some serious weight loss for me ( already lost 4kgs in the past couple of weeks) and bringing into my life things that make ME happy and that i can do for MYSELF! Singing will be hing on this priority list with a recording session planned in the near future.

This holiday i am going to spend an hour alone each morning, walking along the lake and breathing the fresh air. I am going to sit and write, and knit, and just enjoy spending time with my family.

here is the knitting i am taking with me:
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Two pairs of socks ( green and red) and some beautiful Uruguay lace yarn i received in the mail yesterday to make MYSELF a shawl :)

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I cast off my second shawl of the year on Wednesday night but haven't had time for a photo shoot so you will have to wait till i get back for photos.

See you in two weeks!!!


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Anonymous said...

Have fun babe, sounds like you will have a wonderful time!

Jo's Place said...

Good on you Hannah, we have put out baby making plans on hold until the end of the year as well. This year is about getting back into shape, so we can encourage each other on this journey. (Although you've got time on your side LOL)

Congrats on getting back into writing and singing. I look forward to see what you come up with.

Have a great holiday and look forward to seeing your creations when you get back.

Meeks said...

I hope you were able to disconnect from the world and enjoy your crafts and family!