Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - My year of challenges.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!! I didn't make it on yesterday as i nursed a massive hang over but i am feeling much more human today :)

2010 is going to be a busy year!
I have committed myself to a few knitting challenges this year and cant wait to get started!

First up: Knit 10 shawls
Here are my picks so far (this will probably change as i like to knit a pattern more than once)
*Ishbel for Viv (last Ishbel for me for a while haha)
*Hibiscus shawl
*Juno Regina stole and wrap
*Gail (aka Nightsongs)
*Traveling woman
*Damson (the pattern Ive chosen for my giveaway)
*Woodland shawl
*Print o' the waves stole

Also: Knit 10 pairs of socks
I am finding it increasingly difficult to narrow down my list of socks but here are my favs

*spring forward
*flaming desire
*up,up and away
*june 09 solid mystery
*midsummer nights dream
*true love
*my vampire boyfriend
*express lane

How on earth i am going to chose or prioritize i have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

Also on my to do list is to make each of the boys a winter jersey/jacket, make myself a full sized knit and the design my own pattern ( of what im not sure yet).


Gen said...

Well that's the last time I look at all your patterns, my queue just got bigger!

Rhiannon said...

my goodness! you're very ambitious! i'll be happy with finishing three or four things. hah. although i have officially been knitting six months this month so maybe i'll gain some speed : ) thanks for commenting on my blog, i look fwd to reading more of yours.