Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mail for me!

I recieved some exciting mail this morning!

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I was lucky enough to win Kellys Giveaway of some upcycled "Where the Wild things are" envelopes and some devine Evoke 10ply yarn. Trouble is i have no idea what to make with 100grams of 10ply merino? Any suggestions?


Sam said...

lovely colours!

ummm how much would Looking glass longies shorties for flynn take?

Julia said...

Yeah, probably a lot more than about 150m at a guess Sam. I'm thinking a gorgeous winter hat (in advance), or a vanilla? Could probably do a soaker with 100gms. LUCKY though! What a lovely gift!

Julia said...

Oh, I didn't see you were suggesting LGL shorties rather than full length though Sam :)

Have you been browsing Rav for 10ply patterns? I think you should do some selfish knitting with it Hannah! I'm guessing the colours would look great on a redhead ;)

Rainbow Child said...

Julia, yip the colours sure do suit me!
i have had a bit of a browse on ravelry but nothing has jumped out at me yet :S

Virginia said...

That yarn is very pretty.

Maybe you should check out some of the patterns (through Rav) from the One Skein Wonder books.