Friday, November 20, 2009

kreativ award!

Wow i have been honoured with another blog award!
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The lovely Melsh has nominated me for the "kreativ blogger award"! She is one face i see around my blog all the time and i really appreciate your contributions and opinions! muah! xx

So now i have to come up with 7 things that you might find interesting about me, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

1. I have so many crafty projects coming out of my ears at the moment it is ridiculous! I have yarn swaps to finish off ( including dyeing the yarn!) three felt food lunch boxes to make, one set of finger puppets, one doll, 4 handmade objects for another swap I'm organising, a personal swap shawl, plus all my Christmas knitting for my whole family! phew! oh and make something for the Toy Society's Christmas drop!

2. My new passion is sock yarn and sock knitting :)

3. I am one of "those" twilight people, but now way near extreme as most! hahaha cant wait to see New Moon. Currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse ( trueblood) books.

4. My Christmas wish list so far has "Sock Innovation" by Cookie A (sock pattern book) and a heap more of the Knitpro interchangeable needles. I would love some perfume too.

5. I have not eaten bread for two weeks and have lost 3 kgs just like that!

6. I would LOVE to get back into singing again, i miss is something chronic.

7. I have made and sent two Kohas (random acts of anonymous kindness, mine were in gift form) this week :) Plan on doing at least one a week until Christmas to share the love :)

So there you go!

Right girls now i need to pass this honour over to 7 other kreativ bloggers!
I'm going to nominate a bunch of women who i have met through "The Nappy Network" over the past three years. These women give me such inspiration and friendship. Muah! xxx

Kate (different one)
The girls at Cocokids (Kate, Ali and Julia)


humel said...

Congrats :-) I'm very happy to pass on this award to you xx

Jo's Place said...

awww that's hun, I will update mine tomorrow. Great to read more about you too :)

Sam said...

aw yaya thanks sweets!

i've just done a update for today so will fit this in tomorrow

hope your having a lovely weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Hannah, that's nice of you. Loved reading more aobut YOU !!

I'll update the blog tomorrow with mine.

Kate said...

Ooohhhh, squeeeeeee!!! Thanks so much Hannah!! I've done a post today so will do mine in the next couple of days too. THANKYOU!! Kate :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh shucks Hannah!!! Thanks a bundle.

Wow how very cool - made my day.

Congrats on gtting your award!

Ali said...

Awww! Thanks Hannah :D That is very cool!

Anonymous said...

Corrr you do have a lot of projects on the go!! I thought I was bad at the moment. hehehe