Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho..........

.......its off to the post office we go!!!

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I LOVE wrapping up parcels to take across the road to the post office!
Today's haul had two going around the country, two across the ditch to Oz and one flying its way up to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting stuff.......... i love parcels! (even when they cost $41.50 to send!)

This time of the year is extremely busy at the mail box! I'm expecting quite a few things over the next few weeks which makes each morning super exciting as i go and check what goodies await!

Have you got any exciting mail lately?


humel said...

I love parcels!! I've received several bundles of goodies over the past couple of weeks, waiting on a couple more, and sent out 4 of my own (which was almost as fun!)

PJS said...

I had a lovely swap parcel arrive from a ribbons and buttons swap. Was so much fun i joined another.

Sam said...

yes! .. i got my giveaway from tineylove in the box yesterday!

hope your box fills up soon


jasmine t said...

Hello!Parcels look great!
We are the same group for the Xmas decoration swap, so am popping in to say hello!!
Am really looking forward to again!!

Buy Design said...

Just found your blog and had a giggle over your messy room picture. Totally agree housework is a waste of effort. No good parcels to report but I got a refund cheque from my gas bill!! yippee