Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yarn dyeing

I have become a little obbsessed with dyeing yarn and THINKING about dyeing yarn hahaha.
After two attempts with normal everyday food colouring, i am ready to move up to the big players and shell out for some acid dyes. Food colouring is just not hardcore enough for me.

Here is my first atempt at food colouring for a TNN swap

"Willy Wonka Yarn"
The rich veletly reds of Burtons Wonkas coat, purple from his gloves, blue for Violents blueberry transformation

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And here is my second atempt

"Sookie Stackhouse yarn"

For another TNN swap ( she hasnt recieved it yet but it is goign on the post today, prety sure she doesnt read my blog) The character from True Blood, the turquiose of her uniform, the blode of her hair, the pink and purple of her sweet nature and blood red of course!

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Jo's Place said...

hey you got some pretty good colours with the food colourings.

I too am saving my pennies to get some acid dyes. I'm just not getting the colours I want with cake gels.

Anonymous said...

Dyeing bug bit you bad huh chook. It's a lovely creative outlet!