Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Millions of puppets!

Phew i have FINALLY finished making 36 finger puppets for a toddler activity bag swap.
The aim of the ame was to create 12 identical activty bags full f somethign to entertain a toddler. Especially handy for long car trips, wiaitng rooms, queues etc
i singed up to do felt finger puppets and thought sweet as, but then i realised if i made 3 per bag that was 36! sooooooooooooo it has taken me AGES!!!

I didnt have enough felt in my stash to do them all identical so i have done two differnt sets, dinosaurs and farm animals.

All laid out
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In their bags ready to roll!
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ill let you know what i get back in return!!

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Jo's Place said...

OMG Hannah, that look awesome all lined up like that. Must have taken forever, great work