Monday, March 1, 2010

long time no post

Yeah yeah i know I'm a slack ass :P
Busy as usual with life etc and have neglected to post for a while!
I still have been busy crafting this that and the other with more swaps rolling out the door and into the letterbox, knitting flying off the needles and felt food etc being made. I thought i would make this post a catchup post and then i will set myself some blogging goals!

First up the RED swap i participated in on Ravelry. here is the wonderful bag i received from "Redrel" over in Oz:
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it came filled with chocolate, tea and cookie cutters ( all in red of course ;) )

The package i sent over the ditch is still in transit ( NEVER send my economy post) but I'm pretty sure my person would never make her way over to my blog so here is the package i put together for her:
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he collects old books and i found a 1960 copy of the NZ Scout Annual in an op shop, some fair trade tea, some homemade "straw-barb" jam ( strawberry and rhubarb) and then some Blackrose socks and gloves!
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i have also been busy filling a few felt food and finger puppet orders. here are some new designs i made up:
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I LOVE the safari animals so think i might make a whole set of these

I also finished my Vamp swap ( 1st time Ive ever been late woops!)
I was in such a hurry to get it in the Post after i made it that i didn't have time to take good photos but here is the package all together:
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A "Volturi" style hooded scarf, Volturi thirst quenchers (ingredients: unsuspecting visitors to Italy) and some blood splattered stationary i made. The scarf used over 300 grams of wool and it knit all in seed stitch so ALOT of work went into this. closeup of detail:
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Here is what the pattern looks like ( care of Ysoldas photo (the designer)
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I am going to try and thin of some ways to keep up with blogging so i will let you know when i decide!!! Once a day is a bit too much at the moment but maybe 2-3 times a week, will keep you posted.


Susan L (lily40au) said...

apology accepted ... due to the volume and high quality of goods. you have been a busy girl ... especially the straw-barb jam. That sounds fab!

Anonymous said...

I am digging those socks and glovies...