Monday, February 23, 2009

Yarny Goodness

So my disaster of a dishcloth i the only thing i have ever knitted, but the boot up my bum to learn came from wanting to be invloved in the TNN Yarn swap.

The aim of the game is to create a package based on a theme of your choice including hand dyed yarn, pattern, gift and paper work of some discription.

Here is the package i made : Theme "Chocolat"

Drying the yarn after dying it, shaded of white, milk and dark chocolate
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All rolled up into balls:
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The whole package: i included the book "chocolat" as a gift, pattern for coasters plus all the ingredients to make chilli hot chocolate and the recipe in a french inspired mug.
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And the swap i recieved: Theme "Harry Potter" ( my all time fav books!)

All together: Yarn dyed in shades of bertie botts every flavour beans, a box of "every flavour beans" , the book "Tales of beedle the bard" and the pattern for some groovy longies and a portable courlron! ( wooly hat for Flynn)
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Berties beans:
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Close up of the gorgeous yarn:
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Cant wait for the next swap!!!!!! ( infact i am waiting for my pincushion swap, and have just signed up to a "Gruffalo" swap and a handcraft swap hahaha)


Carla said...

that chocolate yarn is gorgeous babes! well done! just beautiful, i bet the recipient was totally rapt :) ive signed up for the gruffulo one too, ohhhhh what have i done! lol i just hope i have enough in stash to do something nice, but right now im at a complete blank and have NO idea where to start lol


Rainbow Child said...

hehe thanks!!! i loved it, pretyt good for a first dye job i thought :)