Monday, February 2, 2009

Disaster of a dishcloth!!

I am determined to learn how to knit, so i spent some time on the net, watched some videos and taught myself!!

This was the end result:

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Hahahahahahahahahahah, gorgoues isnt it????? The Good news is now i know what i am doing, so next time will be MUCH better.


Anonymous said...

At least it'll still by useful ;)

Rainbow Child said...

its awsome! the best cloth ive used hehe

The Governess said...

Ha ha. Yep, that's an interesting piece alright! Just found your page through my friend Flower. Isn't she just lovely!

Kim said...

Hehe love it! It's a lot better than I could ever do that's for sure!

Jo said...

Classic, but hey most of us have had discloths that look exactly the same. At least you can still use it